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  • Connaître les activités de l’UTL, le nombre de places disponibles par atelier (s'il n'y en a plus, c'est en rouge), qui anime, quand et où, accéder à la fiche décrivant l’activité, évaluer votre niveau en langues : Programme.
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À gauche, les menus « Divers (public) » et « Activités ». « Activités » permet d’afficher les fiches descriptives des ateliers ; à quoi suis-je inscrit, reste-t-il de la place, où est-ce, avec qui suis-je, etc. ? Allez voir sur « Adhérents », « Places restantes ? », etc.




You can click on all that is in brown, To return, click on Retour à l’accueil ( or Accueil )...

    To know UTL's activities, how many places available per workshop (if there are more, it is in red), animator's name, when and where, access the form describing the activity, evaluate your level in languages: Programme.
    Join the UTL, choose your workshops, prices, how to pay, etc.: Adhérer à l’UTL. Renew your membership: Renouveler. Who does what, join us, access plans: L'association. Question, modification of your membership card (addition, withdrawal of activity, other), etc. : Contact.

On the left, the "Divers (public)" and "Activités" menus. "Activités" displays the fact sheets of the workshops; what am I registered for, is there room, where is it, with whom am I, etc.? ? Go see "Adhérents", "Places restantes ?" », Etc.

The Université du Temps Libre in Bergerac is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide a wide range of artistic, cultural and sports activities in a friendly, sociable atmosphere. All our teachers and coaches work on a voluntary basis.

One of the objectives of our association is to strengthen the ties between the English-speaking community in the Bergerac area and the local French population. Whether you've just moved to France or lived here for many years, joining the UTL is your opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends.
We work in close cooperation with local English-speaking organisations such as the Dordogne Ladies Club International, the largest women's group in the Dordogne.

The UTL has developed a range of activities specifically for our British, American, Dutch and other English-speaking members :

French languages courses

Whether you're a complete beginner or just need to brush up your French in a conversation class, we offer seven courses geared to your level and skills.
For further détails please contact  07 66 09 55 95 or write Contact


If you enjoy hiking and/or cycling,  and would like to meet some of our French members, you're welcome to join one of our regular walks in the beautiful countryside around Bergerac.

Others activities

If you're already proficient in French and would like to join in other activities, you can sign up for one of our French-language workshops (please see programme  for a complete list of these.

A friendly possibility : join our partner

The Dordogne Ladies Club Internattional (DLCI) is a club opened to women of any nationality who possess enough fluency in the English language to enable them to participate in the association’s activities. It is located at Maison des Associations, 3 place Jules Ferry in Bergerac, website :

Its main aims are to promote social contact and friendships through social gatherings, lunches , excursions and other activities . DLCI encourages members to participate in some way or other in  fundraising events. Since 1986, the club has donated over 110,000€ to local charities.This year they are donating  6000€ to be shared between SPA Bergerac, Guide dogs for the Blind and Vacances Plein Air.